Council Members

Michelle Aston (Chair) 01789 450891  
Stephen Unitt (Vice Chair)
01789 459081  
Deborah Williams 01608 682375  
Mark Austin 01789 459237  
One Vacant Seat    
Nigel Dunn 07717 756676  
John Newbery
01608 682321  
Julie Pope 01608 682032  
Paul Clayton 01608 666225  
Rob Heath 01608 682062  
David Botterill 01608 682644  
FOR ALL MEMBERS  or to write to the council, please contact the clerk    

Mr Ian Wilson, Oakley, 2 School Hill, Mollington, OX17 1BL 


If you wish to contact Tredington Parish Council, please contact the Chair during normal office hours.

Register of Councillor's Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

In 2012, Tredington Parish Council adopted Stratford District Council's Code of Conduct. You can find details of the interests that have been notified by Councillors by clicking: Stratford District Council Parish Councils


Register of Councillor's Responsibilities and Membership of Committees

The responsibilties of individaul Members, including membership of parish council committees, working groups or areas of special responsbility is usually agreed in the annual meeting in May. To see the current list of responsibilites, please click Member's Responsibilities