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October 2019


The Tredington Parish Neighbourhood Plan, the story so far…….

The District Council’s recent ‘Site Allocations Plan’ (SAP) has identified “Reserve Housing Sites (RHS)” in Tredington and Newbold.  It is a Contingency Plan against the possibility that the District Council cannot meet the housing quotas in the Core Strategy or the housing requirement changing at Governmental level.   The SAP identifies three potential sites in Newbold and one in Tredington; the Neighbourhood Plan must take these sites into consideration.  However, it is important to stress that these are reserve sites and may only be allocated for potential development in the unlikely event that more homes are needed.

The SAP identifies one site in Tredington, next to the play area opposite the school. In the ‘Call for Sites’ survey this site was rejected not least because of the impact on a valued landscape.  The site behind the school received a more positive response and is being suggested as a possible alternative.

In Newbold-on-Stour three sites have been identified.  The Neighbourhood Plan Group concur with the Parish Council view that the site below Heron Way and that behind the Village Hall are unacceptable while that at Ormond Lodge is possibly acceptable with a lower housing density.  We would like to designate the two former areas, along with others, as “local Green Spaces” which means any development would be severely constrained and restricted to amenities such as recreation areas. As a counter suggestion, we are suggesting that land at the end of Middlefield Lane could be designated as an RHS; we need your view.

With regard to the Neighbourhood Plan, the formal site assessments (7 sites) are taking place and we are continuing the consultation process.   We are in the process of constructing the first draft of the document which will be subject to committee scrutiny before asking you for comment.  It is a long process but we hope to have a rough draft completed by the New Year.  You should also be aware that the Housing Needs Survey will be distributed imminently;  please respond.

Please attend the Newbold Village Hall open meetings, Friday 1st November 6.0-8.0, Saturday 2nd November 10.0-12.0.

If you want to be involved please contact Nigel Willis: or Sally Ward:

October 2019

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