Neighbourhood Plan

The Tredington Parish Neighbourhood Plan, the story so far.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group was set up in May 2017 following public meetings in Blackwell and Newbold. Michael Payne was Chair and did a fantastic amount of preparatory work, but has sadly had to hand over the reins for personal reasons.

We have great commitment and support from the Parish Council and Parish Councillors Deborah Williams and David Botterill are active Group members. They keep lines of communication open. The new Parish Clerk, Ian Wilson.

Questionnaires have been prepared with the help of Simon Purfield at Stratford District Council. These have been passed to Parish Councilllors for their consideration. Simon Purfield will make any amendments needed and arrange for printing. Group members will deliver the questionnaires to every home in the Parish early in the New Year and explain the importance of completing them.

Many of the services provided by Stratford District Council are free of charge, including the Environmental Assessment, but the analysis of responses to questionnaires involves a great deal of work, by SDC, which must be paid for. The Group will also be recommending the appointment of Neil Pearce (Avon Planning Services) as the Group’s Planning Consultant. Neil has wide experience of advising Neighbourhood Plan Groups most of which have been brought into legal force.

‘Locality’, the link between Government and front-line community organisations set up to ‘change where you live for the better’, provides grants to Neighbourhood Plan Groups to cover:

Developing a website, training sessions for members of the steering group, help with putting together a project plan, undertaking a household survey, help with developing the evidence base

engaging a planning expert, venue hire, publicity materials, printing and other costs.


We have obtained quotations and applied to ‘Locality’ for a grant to cover many of the above.

Don’t be frightened to make your views known. It’s no good complaining when it is too late! If you want to get involved please contact:  Nigel Willis at or Sally Ward at