The Tredington Parish Neighbourhood Plan, the story so far…….

It has been a busy but productive time for the TPNPSG.  In August we ran a workshop to scope the chapters for the neighbourhood plan and consider the policies for each chapter.

The Chapters proposed are:-

Home – this chapter will provide guidance on site allocation and types of housing, such as affordable and local needs.

Economy - this chapter will focus on protecting existing employment sites and the needs of future sites.

Community – this chapter will provide guidance on our leisure facilities, such as walking and cycle routes and important issues such as highway safety.

Natural Environment – this chapter focuses on protecting valued landscape and natural habitats.

Built Environment - this chapter includes important issues such as brownfield sites, design standards, parking standards.

Community Asperations – this chapter includes potential further enhancements for built and natural environment the community have expressed an interest in.

After scoping the chapters the working group created the policy headings for each chapter, which aligned to the survey data from the Neighbourhood Plan survey. 

Currently, across the six chapters we have highlighted 59 policies which will need to be created.

Each policy will consist of a Statement, Explanation and Reference section.   If you would like to see a full list of proposed policies please visit our website at


The final activity we are working on before moving into the policy creation phase is a more detailed data mapping exercise.  This will allow us to ensure all the survey results from both the Parish Plan, Neighbourhood Plan Survey, Business Survey and Stratford District Councils Core Stratergy are reflected in each policy.

This will be used as the reference information in each policy to support our summary and explanation.  This work is important to ensure a smooth transition through the approval and adoption process.  For this next phase we will be supported by our consultant Neil Pearce BA (HONS) DIP TP MRTPI, Avon Planning Services Ltd.

In addition to the above, the working group have arranged a number of meetings with local groups and important services such as the churches, village halls, health services and the school as these are all vital to our community.

Finally, we would like to remind everyone that our meetings are open to the community and you are welcome to come and observe, or address, the committee with any questions.  If you would like to come along or book a 3 minute question slot please contact us through our website for details: or FInd Us on Facebook